Classes I Teach

Gangsters and American Film

This class examines how classic Hollywood gangster films are related to economic, demographic, and political developments in the U.S. The Great Depression, increase in immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe, and Prohibition converged to give rise to the gangster phenomenon.

International Communication

In a global economy where digital communication has made the transfer of information (movies, music, documents) fast and easy, what role to national borders play? This class examines the changes (personal, national, and international) brought about by digital communication.

Public Speaking

This classes teaches students how to speak before an audience and deliver a clear, concise and well-structured message that resonates with the audience. Effective communication is the number one skill employers say they are looking for in new hires.

Introduction to Digital Communication

The impact of digital communication cannot be overstated. Digital communication has changed how we read, watch movies, shop, apply for jobs, stay in touch, date, in short it has dramatically changed our culture. Introduction to Digital Communication examines the impact of digital communication on people, states, businesses, families, in short, on everyday life.


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